The Legend of Malate – Ang Alamat ng Malate

Malate is a place that can be found in Manila, Philippines. This extends from Mabini and Harrison near Roxas Boulevard, beside the sea. This is how it got its name:


There were two sibling named Maria and Jose who used to bathe in the sea shore. One day, while they were bathing, some Spanish passed them. These foreigners ask people about their place as a part of their probe. That time, the two children were about to eat their packed food when they noticed that they forgot to bring drinking water. “Maybe it would be better if we just drink the sea water,” suggested the younger Jose. He then ran to the sea to taste the water.

Meanwhile, the Spaniards approached Maria and asked her about the place’s name in Spanish language. Maria didn’t understand them, and called for her brother instead who was tasting the sea water. He shouted the taste to Maria, “MAALAT ATE! MAALAT ATE! (salty sister!)”

The Spanish men heard this and they thought that it was the answer to their question regarding the name of the place. Since then, the Spaniards named the place Malate, from the salty waters of the sea.

Sanchez Geisha, translator. Rene Alba’s “Mga Alamat Pilipino (Para sa Mag-aaral)”, published 1914 by Century Publications.