The Legend of Chocolate Hills – Ang Alamat ng mga Bundok ng Tsokolate

It is said that in the early times, the island of Bohol in the Visayas is a vast mass of dry land. Rice fields tend to crack under the heat of the sun. During the rainy season, the dusty land turns into a stream of mud. It is only during the rice season that the fields turn into a refreshing sea of green.


It was one day during the rainy season that two giants came into the land of Bohol. One of them was from the north and the other was from the south. Not for long, the two giants met eye to eye. The tension between the two rivals filled the air.

“Hey! You ugly giant! Stay away from my land!,” said the South Giant. “Leave and look for your own land to conquer!”
“You must be mistaken! I am here first!,” answered the North Giant. “If you want, you leave!”
“This cannot be happening!” shouted the South Giant with a stomp. The whole ground shook. Since it has just rained, the ground was muddy.

The giant scooped mud from the ground and threw it on the other giant. The North Giant also scooped and formed his own balls of mud and threw it back on his opponent.

The battle of the two giants became intense. Balls of mud were thrown back and forth. The townspeople gathered to watch the two opposing giants. Each one used all of his might to best the other. No one gave up until both of them ran out of energy. Because of the exhausting duel, both of the two giants fell on the ground and died. What was left of their heated fight were hills of mud from the thrown mud balls. Since then, the townspeople lived peacefully on their land along the hills.

During the summer seasons, these hills seem like chocolate candies, especially from top view. This is the reason why it became known as chocolate hills. During the rainy seasons, however, these hills become covered with lush green vegetation.


Sanchez Geisha, translator. Rene Alba’s “Mga Alamat Pilipino (Para sa Mag-aaral)”, published 1914 by Century Publications.