Paoay, Ilocos Norte

Are you in the northern part of the Philippines? Are you planning on visiting some wonderful places in Luzon? Or, if you don’t have vacation destinations in mind, why not visit the beautiful northern coastal province of the Philippines? Ilocos Norte has a ton of exciting places to wonder. Whether you like sights that are rich in natural beauty or enjoy the culture and history of the destination, it’s all in Ilocos Norte.

Paoay, One of the best tourist attractions in Ilocos Norte but not a lot of people know about this humble town. Paoay is also known as the birthplace of the former President, Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Paoay Church

The St. Augustine Church, or more commonly known as the Paoay Church. Built in 1710, Paoay Church was designed based on an “earthquake baroque” style, to protect church from earthquake. This Church witness various calamities and historical events that it was later declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paoay Church is also a famous wedding venue for locals and foreigners


La Paz sand dunes

La Paz sand dunes in Barangay Suba is another famous tourist hotspot in Ilocos Norte. Because of the enthralling view of the sand and the sea, La Paz was also used as film location for local movies like “Fernando Poe Jr – Panday” and “the Nora Aunor – Himala,” as well as international movies like “Mel Gibson’s – Mad Max” and “Tom Cruise’s – Born on the Fourth of July.” Today, it is known for being a great place for 4×4 ride, All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and sand boarding activities.

la paz sand dunes

la paz sand dunes

Malacañang of the North

This palace is similar with the Malacañang Palace in Metro Manila, the Philippine President’s residence. Malacañang of the North was built as the official residence of the late President Marcos in Ilocos Norte. It is a two-story building located near the legendary Paoay Lake. It is now a museum open to the public. Beside The Malacañang of the North is the appealing Paoay Lake.

Malacanang of the North

Malacanang of the North-2