Matabungkay is a barangay of the municipality of Lian, Batangas, the Philippines. It is known for its white sand beach which is reasonably accessible from Manila (about 120 kilometres (75 mi)). It was originally ‘discovered’ to be a great weekend or daytrip destination in the early 1950s, allegedly by sun starved German residents of Manila. In fact the German Club had a cottage there then. It was soon a popular target for holiday lovers and permanent cottages (even deluxe beach houses) were built along the beach line (and some into the beach) in the early 1960s for rich Manila folk.

It has a small coral reef about 50 meters from the low tide mark in the center of the cove which diverts the incoming waves beautifully and creates some that on good days you could body surf on. At present it is a top destination during the Philippine summer season (April to June) and gets very crowded.

Aside from cottages and houses, there are small sheds of bamboo construction one could rent for a day built in some places almost to the high tide mark.




A fleet of cottage in Lian Matabungkay Beach Resort