Calaguas Islands

Forget about Boracay and Palawan. Located in the province of Camarines Norte, a merely two hour boat ride from the mainland lies a flawless, unspoiled, and prepossessing paradise called Calaguas Island. The beauty of this island is surreal.

calaguas island 3

Looking up the Calaguas Island map, you will discover that it is a group of islands. The most prominent beach where most tourists flock and which is generally called (Calaguas) is actually the (Mahabang Buhangin) situated in the Tinaga Island, one of the main islands of Calaguas. Due to its rising popularity, it is experiencing an uptick in visitors and growth in commerce. It is a good place to visit because of its fine, powdery white sand beach, relative seclusion, cerulean waters and great overlooking views.

You will amaze by Calaguas Island not only for its surreal beauty, but also for its calm environment. The moment your feet touches the powdery white sand will definitely put you in tranquility. Serenity will overcome you as its pellucid, cool waters caress your skin and trounce your sight. Equanimity will define your sensation as you witness how alluring the natural resources around the island are. It’s a perfect place to reconnect with yourself and boost your romantic moments with your loved ones.

calaguas island

Another great thing about Calaguas Island is there is hopping and trek activity to the green hills of Guintinua and enjoy the refreshing sight of Calaguas.

How to Get to Calaguas

By land – from Manila
I love to go there this way. The experience of doing it on your own specially with your loved ones for the entire journey adds thrill and excitement to what is already an exciting adventure.
Around 10 to 12 hours by land from Manila, you can reach the breathtaking Calaguas Island. You can take an 8-9 hour bus ride going to Daet, Camarines Norte from terminals in Cubao, Pasay and Alabang then ride a jeepney heading to Paracale or Vinzons port from the terminal for about 20 minutes. Once you get to the port, ready yourself for a two-hour boat ride going to the paradise. 🙂

By air – from anywhere
You can also avail a package tour going to the island for an easier trip. Since there are a lot of travel agencies offering a Calaguas Island tour these days, you won’t be having a hard time looking for one. Simply choose a package that meets all your needs or requirements. Usually, the tour includes transportation, food, and accommodation. You will be transported via van and taken to the port for the boat ride.


  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving/snorkeling (bring your own diving equipments)
  • Island and Beach hopping
  • Camping, (bring your own camping equipments)
  • Visit the old churches St. Peter the Apostle Parish of Vinzons, St. John the Baptist Parish of Paracale and neighboring towns

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